Platinum Music Production’s karaoke audio system has been upgraded! We now use a digital mixer along with 4 quality wireless microphones. This allows your DJ to make you sound your best and everyone in your group can have their own mic to sing along!

Every song we have is licensed for public performance giving you the best quality music available on the market.

We’ll get your party going right from the start!

Call or Text us at 614.407.MYDJ to check availability and add karaoke fun to your party.

We’ve got everything you need to add karaoke to your next Columbus event!

  • Digital mixer
  • TV screens
  • Floor monitors
  • Microphones
  • Songbook app
  • FUN DJs

Our Karaoke App: Songbooks Online

Join the fun and search our song library or get our free app called SONGBOOKS ONLINE.

We eliminated the dirty, nasty, sticky books to reduce germs and generally cleanliness. Printed song books are often out of date on a daily basis.

Browse the latest, available songs at your convenience. And make a request to your DJ if you don’t see your favorite song. He might be able to purchase it for you instantly.

Tip your karaoke DJ?
Tips are greatly appreciated! All new songs that are added just for you are paid for at your DJ’s expense.

Download the Songbooks Online App

Use the code PLAT18 and join our show. Browse, search and manage the songs you sing.