How do I hire a wedding DJ in Columbus?

No two wedding DJs are alike. So how do you pick the right one for your wedding reception?

Hiring a wedding DJ is much different than anything else you may be used to purchasing. If you can compare it to anything, perhaps it is like buying coffee or a car. Those are a couple items that you don’t want to buy over the phone.

DJs are like brands of coffee. They all have different styles or ‘flavors’, and they don’t all fit each individual tastes. Similarly, with cars, if we only shopped for cars by price alone, we all would have been driving Yugos- but thankfully, we don’t all drive Yugos.

You have to find the right car or DJ that matches your style and fits within a budget. You should, however determine your budget according to what is important to you and not just on a dollar figure.

Some people pride themselves on driving high end luxury cars, some want cheap. Many want a combination of everything- luxury, reliability, and quality at a fair price.

For example, many brides I meet with that recognize the importance of a talented and highly qualified DJ and MC, and realize it is the number one factor that will determine the success and fun of their reception. They wisely allocated more of their budget to their DJ and less on the appetizer platter.

Think of it this way- when you attend a wedding reception, what is it that most people talk about? Is it the $8 chair wraps?

Most likely it is the fun they had dancing, the music, the non-stop entertainment and the joy they shared.

All of this is the result of hiring the right DJ entertainer for the reception.