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Make A Risk-Free Deposit

Thanks for your interest in our services! In order to secure your date RISK-FREE all you need to do is make a $50 deposit via PayPal or Venmo. If you don’t have a PayPal account that’s ok you can click pay with a credit card. Once your deposit is received we will contact you to verify within 24 hours with you that our services are available for your date. If so you’re on your way to incredible wedding entertainment! First please fill out this form so we know who you are and the date of your wedding. Second please either Venmo your payment to Justin-Markle or PayPal to Justin@PlatinumMusicDJ.com. It’s that simple!

We offer 2 Digital Only Magic Mirror packages (No Prints)

Basic Digital $395

Party Digital $550

And 3 Full Service Packages (Digital and Unlimited Prints)

Silver $495

Gold $695

Platinum $995

You will receive full package details once we know where to send it to via email.

Thank you!

Justin Markle

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Date of your wedding

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