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No 2 DJs are the same.

Hiring a DJ is much different than anything else you may be used to purchasing. If you can compare it to anything, perhaps it is like buying 'coffee' or a 'car'. Those are a couple items that you don't want to buy over the phone.

DJs are like brands of coffee. They all have different styles or 'flavors', and they don't all fit each individual tastes. Similarly, with cars, if we only shopped for cars by price alone, we all would have been driving Yugos- but thankfully, we don't all drive Yugos.

You have to find the right 'car' or 'DJ' that matches your style and fits within a 'budget'. You should, however determine your budget according to what is important to you and not just on a dollar figure.

Some people pride themselves on driving high end luxury cars, some want cheap. Many want a combination of everything- luxury, reliability, and quality at a fair price.

For example, many brides I meet with that recognize the importance of a talented and highly qualified DJ and MC, and realize it is the number one factor that will determine the success and fun of their reception- they wisely allocated more of their budget to their DJ and less on the appetizer platter.

Think of it this way- when you attend a wedding reception, what is it that most people talk about? Is it the $8 chair wraps?

Most likely it is the fun they had dancing, the music, the non-stop entertainment and the joy they shared.

All of this is the result of hiring the right DJ entertainer for the reception.

So, how much should you budget for your entertainment?

If you read many of the forums on this subject, you will see that it varies from around 5% to 15% of your overall budget. So for a $25k wedding, you could budget around $1,250 to $3,750.

If you have a larger wedding, you may even consider having band for live music (which can run well over $6,000). Having these ranges in mind will allow you to choose from basic DJ services to more personalized higher end services on the upper range.

If you are used to buying things for your reception on a 'per person' scale, this would be around $6.25 to $18 per guest (based on approx. 200 guests).

It is often this is less than the appetizers or the chair wraps for the most important item for your reception- THE ENTERTAINMENT!

I encourage you to consider your DJ entertainment as the highest priority, as it is the factor that determines over 80% of the success of your wedding reception.

Columbus area DJs prices vary from around $500 to $4,000 with an average rate being $800 to $1500.

Beware of 'suspiciously cheap' DJs, as they wouldn't be so cheap if they actually took pride in their work, and put in the many hours of planning and detail work that is involved in proper planning for your wedding day.

If you would like to meet the most experienced, fun, and versatile DJ professionals in the Columbus area, call my office at 614.806.6987 and we can arrange a no-obligation consultation.

Warm wishes,

Justin Markle
Owner/Disc Jockey
Platinum Music Productions

Dedicated to your incredible wedding reception.

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